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You can Advertise Directly on Earn Bitcoins Now!

For an advertisment to be accepted you need to follow several rules before to make a request.

You need to send a detailed information about your website, company or product.

IF screenshots are possible it will be a huge plus.

Content or product that offer value to the Costumers or visitors it will be a huge plus also.
Example: A plastic / robot dog saying or funny things that can make people in general laugh. Or a video game that makes people entertain themselfs.

You can advertise almost everything on our website except "shady related content / product" "porn related content / product" "ICO's" "Racist related content / product" "Hate or depressing related content / product".

If you are a betting website or company there you can be an exception that you need to aim offering entertainment. Also most imporantly you need to WARN the players with a banner or text that can be seen clearly. Example: PLEASE PLAY RESPONSIBLE.Otherwise it will get rejected instantly.

The advertisments are weekly or monthly. That means you can publish your banners on Earn Bitcoins Now only these two time limits. For extenting the time you need to speak with advertisment support.

The Advertisments can be placed on the top center or bottom of every page.

You can ask for Main page advertisment only, Faucet, Offerwall, Mining or The whole website.

Payments accepted:


Bitcoin ( BTC ) Ethereum ( ETH ) Litecoin ( LTC ) Bitcoin Cash ( BCH)

Please keep in mind it will be a fee of for the transactions. ( Most of time are almost 0 )


United States Dollar ( USD ) Euro ( EUR )

Please keep in mind it will be a fee of %2 and 0.35 Cents or 0.25 Depenting on the Currency.

The price depends on the factor of the advertisers. If there are more demand than maximum banners ( Five to be exact ) it will go up. If there are few advertisers it will be lower.

Sent an e-mail on: advertiser@earnbitcoinsnow.net