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What is Blackcoin

BlackCoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency. BlackCoin uses a proof-of-stake system and is open-source. BlackCoin was created by the developer Rat4, with the goal of proving that BlackCoin’s way of disabling proof-of-work is stable and secure. BlackCoin secures its network through a process called "minting". Transactions in BlackCoin were called "significant" in a Citibank whitepaper

BlackCoin is the first hybrid PoW/PoS altcoin to hit the Proof of Stake only stage. BlackCoin is a fork of Novacoin cryptocurrency that occurred at the end of winter 2014. Well, let's talk a little more about the cryptocurrency Bitcoin – a decentralized cryptocurrency, which originally used the protection of Proof of Work, but over time they moved to the Proof of Stake. The developers of BlackCoin claim that they are the first who were able to apply a clean Proof of Stake in practice. Thanks to PoS V 3.0, all coin holders receive rewards in the form of dividends. The amount of dividends varies from 1% to 8% per annum.


The expected time for a confirmation is 64 seconds while Bitcoin's expected confirmation time is 10 minutes. BlackCoin’s Proof of Stake system secures the protocol through an efficient, decentralized process called “minting”, while Bitcoin uses a mining process that has been well documented as expensive and energy-intensive.

Blackcoin Mining

Proof of Work mining is not possible anymore. This coin is now pure PoS.

Blackcoin Pool [4] has been designed to support the long term growth, profitability, and value of Blackcoin. It is not possible to mine Blackcoin directly. Instead, this pool aggregates the hashing power of the community to mine other profitable altcoins, and then uses those proceeds to buy Blackcoin.

Only 2% fee

No registration needed

You get paid fairly, based on the shares you submit


In June 2014, BlackCoin was accepted onto Coinkite exchange and payment hardware terminals. The Coinkite terminal looks like the familiar handset device used in point of sale transactions. Coinkite’s system uses these ordinary merchant terminals to accept Coinkite debit cards loaded with Bitcoin, Litecoin and BlackCoin.


Quick Transactions. Thanks to the Proof of Stake system transactions get confirmed super quick. While other coins take up to ten minutes for their first confirmations, Blackcoin regularly has a first confirmation in ten seconds flat.

Energy Efficient. Since BlackCoin does not accept Proof of Work after the 10,000th block mining is not possible anymore. This makes BlackCoin highly energy efficient.

Extremely Low Inflation. You will receive a 1% compound interest on a yearly basis on the coins you hold. Due to the low 1% interest on BlackCoin, inflation is extremely low.

Only 2% fee

No registration needed

You get paid fairly, based on the shares you submit


Blackcoin cryptocurrency has 2 distinctive features that are at the same time its advantages. The first advantage is the ability to profit from simply holding coins. The second advantage is the transaction confirmation time. To confirm the transaction in the BlackCoin network you need only a little more than a minute. Just compare this figure, with the time of transaction confirmation in bitcoin.

The main disadvantage of cryptocurrency BlackCoin is undervalued and unpopular. Whether developers forgot that for high-quality advance of the product, the infopovod which will be able "to sell" goods to the buyer is necessary. Whether they have set aside this time, as they say, then. And if the second option happens, we are sure that the cost of BlackCoin will be several times higher than the current one.

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