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Earn Bitcoins Now

Earn Bitcoins Now is a website related to cryptocurrencies, mainly on Bitcoin. You can look on the website and find many different things such as faucets, exchanges, articles and much more.

How started Earn Bitcoins Now

Started as a experimental project on a free webhosting company with a subdomain name, mainly the website very laggy and with many serious problem's dispite that the website could handle the problems and keep on. After a while and many updates the website Earn Bitcoins Now started to have some visitors, As I remember they was around 10-20 per day. After a while many people started calling to become a top-level domain and then www.earnbitcoinsnow.net was born. The date was 2018-01-18.

At the time was passing more and more visitors came in and the free webhosting couldn't handle the project anymore. During that time it was above 100 visitors per day. Then started the lagging again and the all resources were used. That caused a new problem. It needed a paid webhosting company where it can handle thousands of visitors and become a project.

After a lot of search for a good webhosting service it was found. There was enough money to invest for project and then the website tranferred to a paid webhost. The exact date bought the hosting was at 2018-03-22

Growth of Earn Bitcoins Now

The Website was only a Bitcoin Faucet at that time but more and more pages was added. A faucetlist, and exchange page, a Calculator page and many more was official part of the website.

After the implemention of the pages, another idea had become attractive. To add a offerwall, luckily a free offerwall script was found and added on the website. The walls was approved and many users started flowing in to that part of the website. Many users liked that idea to do tasks and take earnings in Bitcoin without a withdraw limit. It became a success.

Still the many users started asking for more cryptocurrencies to be added such as Dogecoin since it has very low withdraw fee's. Then many altcoin faucets was added. Such as Etheurem, Litecoin, Dogecoin and many more.

Also the website decided that mining Bitcoin directly it will become popular since to buy it, it's more expensive due to the exchange fee's. The website found a good mining pool to implement a script for mining and added it on the website, that also become very popular among users who willing to mine.

What is offering Earn Bitcoins Now

Bitcoin and Altcoin Faucet

Currently the website has Bitcoin faucet and many altcoins faucets to claim from, with a timer of 4 minutes and a limit for day. The 4 minutes limit is to handle the resources ( server ) on a equilibrium among it's users and the limit is to handle enough the withdraw, with the website stays in a even breaking point or a profit.

The Faucet which a user can claim from are: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, ZCash, Bitcore, Blackcoin, Dash, Peercoin, Primecoin and Potcoin


An Offerwall which users can do review websites, see videos, read articles, participate in funny Quiz's, complete tasks, fill surveys and make purchases

When the offerwall is used by user, the user takes a share from the offerwall depending on the advertiser willing to offer, the share it's left goes to the website to keep renting it's servers

Also the offerwall payout only in Bitcoin since it's easier for the users to keep track of the earnings and not have to calculate many cryptocurrencies to figure out the exact amount they recieving. This is good for the website since it doesn't have to overload it's databases to many transactions.

The amount of the offerwalls (Ex: PTCWall, Personaly) it's depends on payments of their offers, how many offers they have and the difficulty to complete it.

The current walls which an user can complete different tasks are: PTCWall, Personaly, KiwiWall Offerdaddy, Wannads, Pollfish

Mine Bitcoin

A user can mine Bitcoin with our miner. To be exact it's Monero mining and the earnings are corvented to Bitcoin. The reason for mining monero is mainly the competition between Mining ASIC's, GPU's and CPU's. The competition on monero it very low and makes it a pretty nice cryptocurrency to mine for. I case of Bitcoin it's extremely hard for people with regular computers to compete against mining facilities or mining rings.

The earnings always depend's on how many users are mining at the same time, but usually it hovers around 130-150 per million hases

For a user to mine Bitcoin on our website is very easy the only thing has to make is to go on our mining part of the website and follow few instructions in order to start mining.


Earn Bitcoins Now Blog

We have a blog about different topics that my you like! You can read about everything. Like Bitcoin, Trading, Exchanges, News, Prices! We have also very simple articles for day to day things. We aim to keep our visitors keep in track with the latest news but at the same time to keep them entertainted and give some tips we use that may find them usefull!

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